Arcade Hearts @ The Joiners, Southampton (23/2/19)

Having lived in Southampton for three years and regularly attended gigs, Arcade Hearts are definitely a band name that you get to know. However, up until this point I have never managed to see them live. Having not released any new music since September 2018, even Arcade Hearts admitted this was a weird time to have a series of live dates, but they managed to sell out the Joiners showing they have a loyal following on the South Coast.

Arcade Hearts 11
Arcade Hearts 4 (1)

Every song they play is an upbeat bop which instantly gets you dancing. The synth driven and bass heavy tones pull you in way before lead vocalist Dan starts singing. His vocals are exceptional and captivating as he works his way through songs with such ease whilst hitting some sounding flawless. His stage presence is welcoming and he comes across as down to earth and completely shocked at how many people have turned up.

Their set was made up of a mixture of some released songs and some ones we have to look forward to. Unreleased single 'Overgrown' is definitely one to be excited about with the style edging towards a punk sound and we got a short glimpse of a new side to Arcade Hearts

With new music on the way, 2019 is looking promising for Arcade Hearts and if they can sell out venues like The Joiners with no recent releases then there are definitely big things to expect from the boys.

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