Emerging from the Dark Side with… Egyptian Blue

Brand new music is something that we get most excited about at Dark Side. We spend most of our time here trying to find the best in up and coming music and in this feature we show off one of our favourite new finds.

Who are you?

There are four of us - Andy Buss, Leith Ambrose, Luke Phelps, and our latest addition Issac Ide - we all live in Brighton.


How did the formation of the band come around?

It’s the product of years of friendship, hard work and discovery of common ground.

Egyptian Blue 3

Who were your first influences as a band?

I suppose it's the classic answer really of hearing parents record collections ... this nurturing brought bands like Radiohead and Joy Division into our developing brains. Then at school and colleague we were listening to bands like the Maccabees and The Horrors. More recently we've been enjoying the output of bands like Preoccupations, Duds, Beak>, and Viagra Boys... but we've also been going back and listening to Wire and Iggy Pop a lot recently too.


What music are you listening to at the moment?

We are currently in the van from Hull to London listening to a healthy mix of Les Rallizes Dénudés, Girl Band and Wire’s Chairs Missing.


Describe your sound in three words

Confrontational fuelled Psychosis.


Can you think of one thing that makes your band different to any other?

Propensity for playing guitars with screwdrivers.


For those who have never listened to you, what song should they listen to first and why?

Collateral, as it’s our latest release and offers an insight into our new four track EP that will be released on vinyl at the end of June via Yala! Records.


What does the future hold for Egyptian Blue?

More music, more shows and more long journeys (in the van).

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