Emerging from the Dark Side with… Emerson Snowe

Brand new music is something that we get most excited about at Dark Side. We spend most of our time here trying to find the best in up and coming music and in this feature we show off one of our favourite new finds.

Who are you?

My name is Emerson Snowe and I was raised in a small town in north queensland, Australia


When did you start writing and performing music?

I started writing when I was 14, was writing a lot of styles - I’ve always seemed to be quite fluent with my genres I guess. First time performing would probably have been around 15 in high school bands.

Who were you first influences?

First major influences were sufjan stevens and Christopher Owens. I find myself still in love with both those musicians.


What music are you listening to at the moment?

I’ve been learning and listening to Frank Tovey (Fad Gadget), a lot of Alan Vega and the Dreams Less Sweet album by Psychic TV.


Describe your sound in three words

Lullaby, romantic, hehe


Can you think of one thing that makes your music different to any other?

I think the freedom I have is unlike most, I’m very fortunate to have such a supportive label and manager that really allow me to be as free as I’d love to be. It’s not so much songs as they are diary entries. Who knows.
The way the songs are written are all done under 15minutes- that includes writing and recording them. It’s purely about capturing my first instinct and going with it - the lyrics come out very honest because that’s how I’m feeling in that exact moment. I have hundreds of songs because of this way of writing and the freedom I have with it. I’m quite compulsive with my songwriting - some people think they’re too open but there’s no real other way I would want to go about my life. It’s not something I can just turn on and turn off. There would be no point in doing what I’m doing if I was trying to create something that wasn’t real. I don’t really have a choice in it - and if I did - I wouldn’t change a thing.


For those who have never listened to you, what song should they listen to first and why?

I would suggest starting with if I die then I die, it’s probably one of my most favourite songs I’ve written. As a piece of music it’s a perfect element of what I want to get across. Earnest lyrics with a beautiful underlying of music. The music alone could be a lullaby- I like the contradiction- a lot of my work follows that. It’s something that comes really naturally for me, but I think it comes out perfectly in If I Die, Then I Die.

What does the future hold for Emerson Snowe?

Just arrived in LAX for a 15hour layover, then on my way to London to do this UK and EURO tour. The debut ep ‘THATS ROCK N ROLL’ is about to be released and I’ve basically finished the next ep too.

It’s all good

9th May - Komedia, BRIGHTON (12.20pm, The Great Escape)
10th May - The Haunt, BRIGHTON (8.15pm, The Great Escape)
11th May - Ditto Stage, BRIGHTON (1.20pm, The Great Escape)
12th May - Gold Sounds Festival, LEEDS
13th May - The Old England, BRISTOL
14th May - The Sunflower Lounge, BIRMINGHAM
16th May - The Hug and Pint, GLASGOW
22nd May - The Islington, LONDON

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