Emerging from the Dark Side with… The Mysterines

Brand new music is something that we get most excited about at Dark Side. We spend most of our time here trying to find the best in up and coming music and in this feature we show off one of our favourite new finds.

Who are you?
Lia, George, and Chrissy.
How did the formation of the band come around?
L: I met George outside a Home & Bargain and thought he dressed cool so I kinda thought he’d be into music- which he was and turned out he played the bass aswell so win win and I’ve known Chrissy for as long as I’ve been on planet Earth.
Who were you first influences as a band?
L: We’ve all got really individual influences, my hero is Bob Dylan but when I’m writing for the band I take inspiration from different artists for different songs but ones I usually revert back to are PJ Harvey, Nirvana, The Strokes, and The Walkmen.
G: John Entwistle & James Jamerson influence my bass playing a lot
C: Hip hop
What music are you listening to at the moment?
L: I don’t really listen to new music although I am very aware of it. I’m a bit late to the party but Ron Gallo is great, I like Big Thief’s new single and can’t wait for the album, I love Bon Ivers new record, Mattiel too and Billie Eillish.
G: Loyle Carner
C: The Murder Capital’s new single
Describe your sound in three words
Vital, honest & loud ha
Can you think of one thing that makes your band different to any other?
G: We’re not dreampop
For those who have never listened to you, what song should they listen to first and why?
L: All our songs are on our new EP called Take Control (named after a track) I mean from a writer’s perspective, I don’t think you’re ever fully satisfied with your music- maybe one day I will be . But we’ve been releasing music from when I was 16 so I don’t identify with not only the lyrics anymore but the whole reflection, of which all a song is really- it’s a bit depressing ha. I’d say listen to them all as they’re all very different and from specific points in my life.
What does the future hold for The Mysterines?
L: Hopefully some money

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