Emerging from the Dark Side with… Ugly

Brand new music is something that we get most excited about at Dark Side. We spend most of our time here trying to find the best in up and coming music and in this feature we show off one of our favourite new finds.

For the first edition of Emerging from the Dark Side, we spoke to Sam Goater from Cambridge-based quartet Ugly.

Q. Who are you?

A. We are Harrison Jones (Lead guitar) Charlie Wayne (Drums) Harry Shapiro (Bass/Vocals) and Samuel Goater (Rhythm guitar/Vocals).


Q. How did the formation of the band come around?

A. Me, Charlie and Harrison met in sixth form in our music technology class and bonded over a love of similar music and aspirations of being a band, the oldest cliché!


Q. Who were you first influences as a band?

A. When we first started we wore our influences very blatantly on our sleeves, the main influences ranged from the Stone Roses to King Krule to the Babies. A holy trinity.

📸: Henry Groves

Q. What music are you listening to at the moment?

A. I’m personally listening to a lot of Protomartyr, Nick Drake, Twin Peaks to name a few. Bit of a weird mix but it definitely helps to keep the music we write fresh, having a wide variety of influences.


Q. Describe your sound in three words

A. King Krule covers


Q. Can you think of one thing that makes your band different to any other?

A. We all have knitted ugly doppelgangers, courtesy of Harrison’s dear nan. As far as the music goes we think we have a fairly unique and exciting sound and hope others feel the same!


Q. For those who have never listened to you, what song should they listen to first and why?

A. Probably ‘The Last Supper at the Regal Wetherspoon’, it's probably the most representative of where we are at the moment and one of our personal favs.


Q. What does the future hold for Ugly?

A. We don’t really know ourselves. Hopefully lots more gigs! We are working on recording and mixing some (sort of) new tunes that are sounding pretty fab. But we’re just taking it as it comes really. Salut!

Ugly are playing a show at The Shacklewell Arms on the 21st March. Joined by Squig and Nothingheads.

Header Photo Credit: Saffy Paget

Photo in Text Credit: Henry Groves

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