Live Review: Another Sky + Leyendekker @ Komedia, Brighton (26/2/18)

Another Sky were joined by Leyendekker for their Brighton show and both delivered sets full of impressive and distinctive sounds and both came from very different areas of the indie genre.

Leyendekker came to stage with Komedia only being around half full. However, this did not stop them from delivering an excellently crafted set. From early on in their set they caught my attention with the use of a loop pedal. Not an excitingly difficult or different piece of equipment but something I have not seen used live for a while. Their synth heavy shoegaze style was attention grabbing for all the right reasons. Catchy synth tunes with pounding guitar beats and eery vocals was refreshing with each song having its own character and with only 2 released songs, I am very excited for future releases. Their set was enjoyed by many as they went up at the end to ask the bands name but not sure many understood the name perfectly on the night.

It was then time for Another Sky, a band who had now packed out the downstairs room of Komedia. There is something enchanting about the quartet and the way they play. Cartrin Vincent’s vocals are beyond belief and they are truly mesmerising. The operatic vocals, pounding drum beats and powerful drops in the songs overtook the room and created an atmosphere I have never experience before. 

Another Sky produced an absolute spectacle on the Komedia stage and I give the challenge to any band to produce a performance and atmosphere as gripping as they did. They are definitely a band to go and check out. 

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