Live Review: Drenge + Support @ Wedgewood Rooms, Portsmouth (3/4/19)

Unfortunately due to timing issues I was not able to Catch the support on the night. Just my luck that the one time I miss the support it is someone like the wonderful Valeras. Formerly known as Area 52, this five-piece are a band i have had my eye on for a while and although I have not yet managed to catch them live, their studio recordings already pack a punch and create the attitude of a live performance. One word of advice, if Valeras are supporting a band near you, make sure you don’t have timing issues!

With a vast array of music to choose from having freshly released their latest album in February, the band are no stranger to giving fans something they don’t expect, and with three albums consisting of different sounds and textures this was sure to make for an intriguing gig. As the night went on it was clear that frontman Eoin had mastered the craft of creating the personas for each of his albums as he smoothly transitioned from track to track, bringing as much energy and power from one song to the next. It must have been a pleasing sight for the band to see such a great reaction from each song. It is rare that a band’s fans manage to get on board with such in depth musical differences, but it was clear from the movement and the overall attitude of the crowd on the night, and the sea of voices being bombarded back at the band, that they were right there with him, taking in every moment.

I must say from a viewers perspective it is nice to see a band who haven’t played in Portsmouth for such a long time to completely make the stage their own, giving the whole night a ‘home town gig’ style vibe. The night only made me more excited to listen to the next chapter of Drenge, leaving intrigued to find out what the next sound they will bring to their diverse library of musical excellence will be.

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