Live Review: Feet @ Latest Music Bar, Brighton (28/2/19)

Feet have been a band around the scene for a couple of years now, but ever since the release of latest single 'English Weather' they have been getting the attention they deserve.

Feet 8
Feet 12

With their debut album set to come out later this year, it was no surprise their set was full of songs that have yet to be released. This had no effect on how the band performed as they produced one of the liveliest performances I have ever witnessed and as they ran, jumped and rolled around stage, it was hard to know who to focus on. For the third song of the night they played 'Petty Thieving' which got the crowd going and for the rest of the set even the crowds energy levels were high.

The band had been running a raffle and midway through the set decided to announce the winner by picking a ticket on stage. The winner received a bowling pin with the band logo written on, something every audience member wishes they had (well I was upset I didn't win).

The set ended with the song everyone had been waiting for, 'English Weather'. For this one, the audience were all singing along to the jangly guitar bop and it was certainly the obvious choice to close the set with. As well as releasing excellently catchy songs all with varying influences, Feet also produce outstanding live performances. Their album is set to be released later this year and I am very excited for both the release and the tour which will follow.

Feet 19
Feet 22

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