Live Review: Indoor Pets + Gender Roles @ Scala, London (17/4/19)

After releasing a contender for album of the year already in 2019, Indoor Pets have been gaining popularity at an alarming rate. Their fans had turned out and were queuing to get in, with many wearing the classic big of Indoor Pets/Get Inuit merch, the 'I'm wasting my life' t-shirt.

By the time I got in due to some issues with our name not being on the door, we eventually made it in, just in time for Gender Roles. The indie-punk trio from Brighton, who have been working on their upcoming album, were a great act and many of the Indoor Pets fans were singing along. As they tuned their guitars, they started playing some backing music and had a short little chatty skit section talking about their favourite road signs. It was an unusual section for a live show but showed the confidence they have on stage. Their most popular songs 'About Her' and 'Plastic' came at the end of their set and the crowd was sufficiently warmed up.

Having been a fan of Indoor Pets since they were known as Get Inuit and this being the 7th time I had seen them live I understand fully that they are essentially a meme now, but nothing prepared me for their walk-on music. They had a mashup of several songs with the lyrics changed to be related to Jamie's hands. This included 'Big For Your Boots (Hands) by Stormzy, 'I want to hold your (Jamie's) hands' by the Beatles and 'Stacey's Mom (Jamie's Hands)' were played through the speakers before the band took to the stage. Starting off with 'Cutie Pie, I'm Bloated' the crowd were instantly bouncing and the Indoor Pets' foam hands appeared around the crowd.


I was mainly interested in how their new album sounded live, and I was not disappointed. Songs like 'Good Enough', Spill (My Guts)' and 'Heavy Thoughts' all oozed the quality that they had on the album and Indoor Pets' live show had somehow got even better from previous shows.

Having seen Jamie as a frontman always playing guitar it was interesting to see the band play 'Teriyaki' and 'Thick' without one. But his stage presence was still as lively as usual and he sang mist of 'Teriyaki' from the barrier.


“We know how small and weird we are as a band so we don’t expect anyone to turn up. This is the best night of my life so thank you”

Jamie Glass (Indoor Pets)

They finished their set in the way they know best, with 'Pro Procrastinator' and the crowd was still as energetic as at the start, and so were the band all jumping and running around stage. They then left the stage and I was not expecting an encore as their sets always ended with 'Pro Procrastinator', so I was shocked when the band came back onto stage.

Jamie then told us how during tour his Nan had died and he hasn't managed to say goodbye, so he asked if they could play a song for her. They played 'Coping With Death In A Nutshell', which was nice to hear live, especially as the crowd responded by putting even more effort into singing this one back to the band. They finally finished with 'I am the Hot Air' before leaving the stage and the crowd started to wander out. There is no way that anyone left with anything other than Indoor Pets playing in their head for hours if not days after.

If Indoor Pets somehow haven't graced your earholes yet, then you need to sit down and give them a listen. An incredible band on both their debut album and live, they are not one to miss and their show at Scala proved this.

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