Live Review: Orchards + Sœur @ Camden Assembly, London (3/4/19)

Math pop is not the most talked about music genres, but Orchards are becoming one of the most talked about up and coming bands, especially since the release of their Losers/Lovers EP in 2018.

We were lucky enough to go and see them play the final date of their first headline tour at Camden Assembly, their biggest show to date, and it was a sell-out.

The only support of the night was Sœur, a duel-fronted three-piece who are known for their grungy pop songs. Their songs are filled with upbeat pop melodies but never fail to reach the deep heavy drops with powerful guitar riffs and vocal lines that we are used to. Their set finished with 'Fight', the heaviest song of the set, and the room was certainly rocking, ready for Orchards.

Soeur 2
Soeur 4

People were queuing to get to the front for this show, so it was no surprise that the room was clearly looking forward to Orchards and the crowd erupted as soon as they stepped on stage to start their set. They went straight into 'Darling' which instantly had the crowd dancing and singing along and you could tell this was going to be an excellent show.

Having seen Orchards live a few times before, we are very used to the odd karate kick coming from frontwoman Lucy but 'Peggy' gave us the first of many from lead guitarist Sam. As well as the well-timed karate kicks, Sam also loves to jump around stage going from leaning over the crowd to right at the back next to the drums, I don't think he stayed still throughout the whole set, like most of the crowd.

Orchards 4

Orchards played an unreleased song called 'Drama King', where Lucy sang the song from on top of the bar at the back, and she was sounding as flawless as usual. She also performed the next song 'Double Vision' standing at the front of the crowd. The next two songs were their two latest releases 'Young' and 'Mature Me' which are of typical Orchards quality and even though they were released in the past month, the audience seemed to know all the words and sang along. It was at this point that you could tell how taken aback they were by the crowd's reaction to every song. Guitarist Sam and frontwoman Lucy were constantly looking shocked and humbled throughout the set.

Orchards 14
Orchards 2

They finished the set with 'Age of You' before they went into 'Luv U 2'. They said they were planning to go off before 'Luv U 2' but the crowd made it hard for them to leave the stage and so they just went straight into their final song. The energy levels of both the band and the crowd did not drop at all and the atmosphere was electric from start to finish.

Orchards setlist is full of upbeat and catchy songs and it might be one of the strongest setlists of any band right now. Their performances are energetic and there is no way you can leave an Orchards' show without a smile on your face. The rise of Orchards does not seem like it is going to stop anytime soon, so the future is definitely an exciting one for the Brighton-based band.

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