Live Review: Sea Girls + APRE @ Wedgewood Rooms (7/3/19)

Sea Girls and APRE are two bands that I have wanted to see live for a while and the fact they were both playing the same show was quite unbelievable.


You could tell APRE had fans at the show as the band had already filled way over half of Wedgewood Rooms by the time the band came onto the stage. Their jangly indie-pop sounds filled with electro-drum beats was sounding well rehearsed and the band clearly enjoyed playing live. The upbeat vibes were a perfect opener for the night and for any non-APRE fans watching, I am sure many were listening along on the drive home.

Sea Girls 1
Sea Girls 6

It was then time for the highly anticipated Sea Girls. Starting with 'Lost' the audience were singing along from almost the first word. There was no doubt about it, Sea Girls certainly had a loyal following in Portsmouth and they had all gathered to watch them. The energy levels of the band, particularly of lead guitarist Rory Young, who certainly got the crowd to match the energy on stage. Within the first few songs, frontman Henry Camamile was already playing guitar on the barrier and you could tell they pride themselves on interacting with the crowd, especially those who had got there early to get down the front.

They played a short set with only 11 songs, but every song was played with the same energy levels and the audience were singing along throughout. Sea Girls played crowd favourites 'All I Want To Hear You Say', 'Call Me Out' and 'Adored' before the set came to a close with 'Daisy Daisy' which Camamile performed mainly fron the barrier and in the middle of the crowd.

As live shows go, Sea Girls produce one of the most captivating and certainly interact with the audience during their songs as much as they can. If you aren't planning on seeing Sea Girls then you certainly need to change that.

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