Live Review: Submariner @ Green Door Store (27/3/19)

Submariner have been on the music scene for a number of years now and have been making a name for themselves along the South Coast having played festivals such as Victorious, The Great Escape, and Common People Southampton.

Submariner have been known for producing excellent live shows and releasing great music over the past 3 years but lately they have managed to raise their standards and produce exceptional music. The 4th song of their setlist was their latest single ‘Hypotension’ sounding as dreamy and mesmerising as it does recorded and the whole room were transfixed on the band. The audience sand along to every song and the front row did not stop dancing once. The noise from the audience reached its peak during the chorus of ‘Ghosts’ which is definitely one of their most popular songs. Our favourite song of the night came from the slightly heavier and currently unreleased song ‘Thru’.

Bringing the noise down a little, Submariner played the next song ‘Babyclaw’ and asked the audience to sit down. Feeling a little bit like a Sofar Session, Submariner had the whole audience sat down and focused on them. Their set came to an end in the normal Submariner way, with ‘Colours’ followed by ‘TOYS’ which are still two of their best releases to date.

As their set comes to a close and they look like they are starting to pack away the crowds chants of “one more song” finally take note and frontman James politely asks the sound engineer if they have time. “Yes” is the reply and they are now trying to figure out what to play. It didn’t take much deciding as they only have one song unplayed but as they let the crowd know they never play it, they look both flattered for being asked so intensely to play another song and also nervous and unsure whether they can remember how to play it. As they come to the end of their encore, you can tell how humbled they are by the crowd throughout the set and then go into celebrating James’ birthday which was happening the day after.

As usual, a high quality set from Submariner delivering their catchy indie-pop flawlessly and getting every single person in there to dance, sing and simply have a great evening. They only seem to be getting better and a UK tour must surely be only around the corner!

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