Live Review: The Murder Capital + Egyptian Blue @ The Forum, Tunbridge Wells (30/4/19)

Some great bands have played at The Forum in Tunbridge Wells over the years, especially bands who have gone to be much bigger. It was now the turn of Irish punk band The Murder Capital to headline the prestigious venue.

Egyptian Blue 3

Having now seen them a few times we can definitely recommend catching them live, and it was a great set to get down early for.

It was then time for The Murder Capital to take to the stage. This was a band who have received backing from the likes of many music magazines and even Isaac Holman (Slaves) and Joe Walker (Lady Bird) had turned up for this one.

There is a sense of determination and intensity to the Dublin outfit and they are certainly not a band you would want to mess with. They mixed up tempos and their intensities well, with songs like ‘Gravedigger’ and ‘Green and Blue’ offering pounding drum beats and swirling guitars. Whereas songs like Slow Dance part 1 and 2 still gave us swirling guitar riffs but with slower tempos. They played the next song ‘On Twisted Ground’ with the bassist and vocalist sat on monitors at the front of the stage and the noise levels were right down. The crowd was completely transfixed on the stage and when the music stopped you could hear a pin drop. There was still the same passion and emotion in the slower songs but delivered in a completely different way and it was great to see the bands ability to perform such different sounding songs so incredibly well. Their single ‘Feeling Fades’ brought the tempo and intensity back up and again the boys were back up to their electric and energetic performance.

The Murder Capital 2

There is no doubt that Irish punk music is alive and kicking and anyone who disagrees needs to see The Murder Capital live. Their performance was exhilarating at times, and at others, they hit you with a slower emotionally packed song and their setlist was something to be envied. They are expected for big things and if they keep performing live shows like this, it won’t be long until it happens.

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