Live Review: YONAKA @ Heaven, London (30/5/19)

The first time I saw YONAKA play live was when I booked it on a whim after finishing my university exams for the year. Ever since then Theresa Jarvis and co. have regularly been playing through my headphones or making our weekly guide.

This was their biggest show to date, and to sell out Heaven before even releasing an album is some achievement. Their album was set to come out on midnight and everyone was clearly very excited for both the album release and to see the band live. The place was packed very early for this one and I only got to watch the show from next to the merch stand at the back.

If you have ever been to Heaven you know that there is a lower tier of the stage, just in front of where all the guitar pedals and monitors sit. This is where frontwoman Theresa Jarvis performed a lot of the show from, jumping up and down across the lower tier, showing off her energetic and riotous style.

Theresa Jarvis not only offers exceptional vocals but is also one of the best frontwomen out there at the moment. She mixes up powerful and rocky vocals in songs like 'Teach Me To Fight' with beautifully melodic vocals showing off her vibrato in songs like 'Lose Our Heads'. Her ability to interchange between the two is truly remarkable and showcases why YONAKA are such a force in the indie music industry.

Throughout their set, they played a number of songs set to be released on their album, which included 'Punchbag' and 'Rockstar'. Each one received an excellent reception from the crowd. 'Guilty (For Your Love)' was played acoustically by guitarist George and Theresa and was a nice change of tempo and intensity and really broke up the set nicely. They finished with staple YONAKA songs,'F.W.T.B.' and 'Fired Up'.

YONAKA have always been known for producing impressive live shows, but this has proved that they are not a band to be messed with. With festivals coming up if they happen to be on a lineup at a festival you attend, you would be silly not to see them.

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