Who do we want an album from in 2019?

With so many amazing releases set for 2019, it is looking like it is going to be another excellent year for music. However, many of our favourite artists have not yet announced any releases for 2019, and after having no album from them in 2018, we are really hoping 2019 will be a different story and bring us the album we all want.

Kate Tempest

After 2 Mercury Award nominated albums in 'Everybody Down' (2014) and 'Let Them Eat Chaos' (2016), any future releases from Tempest is going to be something of high quality. Tempest did release poetry last year in the form of the book 'Running Along the Wires', but with no musical releases announced, and her name appearing on festival line-ups including Blue Dot Festival, is there new music on the way? We really hope so!


Spector are making a name for themselves as releasing excellent music after a long period of silence. With the release of 'Ex-Directory', 2 years since their last, and nearly a year between that and 'Reloaded', there seems to be no constant stream of new music from the London band. They have given us a recorded version of 'Tenner', now all we want is a third album. We really hope that this is going to come in 2019!


At the start of their existence, Francobollo were very good at releasing new music and getting singles out regularly. However, since the release of their debut album 'Long Live Life' in 2017, the band have only given us two new singles, 'We're Dead' and 'Hoo-Ha'. They are down to play an Independent Venue Week show in Sheffield, but apart from that, they have played very few tour dates recently. Let's just hope that they have been spending the time in the studio and have new music coming our way soon.


Since the release of their sophomore album 'Babes Never Die' in 2016, Honeyblood have only graced us with 1 single, 'Swell Love', released in 2017. Both of their albums have been well received with the wait for the third being over 2 years, I am sure that any new release will be of the same quality as we are used to from the Glaswegian duo. Honeyblood have recently joined Marathon Records, so new music is surely on the way right?

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