Live Review: Dilly Dally + Hotel Lux @ Hope & Ruin, Brighton (31/1/19)

After the release of their sophomore album 'Heaven', Toronto rockers Dilly Dally were on their UK/European tour.

Dilly Dally had chosen Hotel Lux as their tour support, who opened up the show to an already busy room. Their style of music surrounds their dissatisfaction with the world, raising real issues and not afraid to speak their minds. Frontman Lewis Duffin's delivery is everything you hoped it would be, gritty, powerful and angry at times. Backed by catchy and grungy baselines, there is an honesty and openness with Hotel Lux's music you don't often see. Playing a set containing a majority of their unreleased music, Hotel Lux are not sticking by old singles, and you get a new experience every time you see them. Songs like North/South Divide and English Disease show off the clever lyricism we are used to from the London quintet and when they get round to releasing them, big things are almost definitely on the way for them.

Hotel Lux 2

Dilly Dally were on next, although it was a bit of a wait before the set with lead singer Katie's monitor not picking up the reverb and her requiring a second guitar to be restrung at the last moment. It did give the Hope & Ruin plenty of time to fill out, and by the time the set started, most of the room was full. By the time they started one thing caught my ear, and that was frontwoman Katie's vocals. Although she used reverb throughout. the set, she stills shows incredible vocal skills with the ability to go from quiet sweet vocals to a roar with ease. The band also show how much they enjoy playing live together, with a chemistry and stage presence which really adds to the live experience. You could see this was the last date of the UK leg of their tour, with the performance flowing flawlessly and the bands playing was tight and well rehearsed. They certainly know how to put on a show, with songs including Desire being the highlight of the set. For all punk-lovers out there Dilly Dally is definitely a band to catch live if you get the chance.

Dilly Dally 4
Dilly Dally 5

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