Review: Drusila – Single Life

Portsmouth-based dark-poppers, Drusilla grace us with new single, 'Single Life'. The piece, like all good 80’s electronica, should leave us a little sad and a little distance: 'Single Life' succeeds. The band, aptly named after former Roman Emperor Caligula’s sister, leave us feeling melancholic whilst we willing dip our toes in the spray of sadness. Vocalist GWR not only accepts single life in this 80’s stylised ballad but champions to deify it by the time this track concludes. Much like Caligula’s love for his sister, the vocals here make us feel like GWR’s sadness is unmatchable; we, like him, accept his fate of a “Single Life”.


The single has been added to our playlist, Dark Side Recommends! Find Drusila's new bop as well as the rest of our playlist below.

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