Review: Emerson Snowe Is Back Recording Music

After releasing his incredible debut EP 'That's Rock 'n' Roll' only 2 months ago, it is a big surprise to find that Emerson Snowe is back recording music and has recorded an abundance of new tunes already. This time from his own bedroom.

The latest two singles 'When Mary Comes To Take Me Home' and 'These Are The Moments And This Is Our Life' are part of a series of recordings under the title 'Berlin Rain Songs'.

First single 'When Mary Comes To Take Me Home' has the romantic sound, electronic beats and introspective lyrics that we are used to from Snowe. A slow mellow song, with a piano being the main instrument throughout the song. There is a feeling of self-realisation in this song, and how no matter what he thinks of himself, he needs to focus on what is happening around him.

Falling into my own head
sometimes I wish i wasn’t bred like this
But there’s nothing i can do
love to spend my time with you

The second of these singles is 'These Are The Moments And This Is Our Life'. Slightly more upbeat than the first song, and this time made up of mainly a guitar.  This song looks at self-motivation and how sometimes it can be a real struggle to find the energy to do anything. Again though there seems to be a real 'live in the moment' vibe to the lyrics and happiness to be where he is right now.

These 2 singles are just another example of how his style has certainly been developed over the years of songwriting and recording. It is sounding refreshing, allowing you to just sit back and relax whilst listening. However, if you do want to focus closely on every word, his lyricism is something truly beautiful and leaves you entranced throughout.

Unfortunately for those of you wondering where you can go and listen to these songs, they are currently unreleased and Snowe has no plans to ever release them publicly.

You may wonder why I am writing an article about these songs if they will always be unreleased but there is a way you can listen to them. If you are desperate to hear these songs you can reach out to Emerson Snowe via his Instagram and he will give you access to them.

He has also recorded another album in Berlin which also is unreleased. That album 'One Million Kisses (Berlin)' was only recorded in June this year and just shows how prolific Emerson Snowe is as a songwriter and how he loves to keep busy in the studio.

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