Review: Emerson Snowe – That’s Rock ‘n’ Roll EP (10th May)

Emerson Snowe is the solo project for Brisbane musician Jarrod Mahon, famous for being a member of Australian band The Creases. Over the past two years, Emerson Snowe has been releasing solo music and has been receiving praise from the likes of DIY magazine and So Young magazine for both his music and live performances (which are sometimes just him and a cassette player).

In Snowe's 'That's Rock 'n' Roll' EP, there is a romance and elegance to every song. He has really delved into himself and there is a real sense of self-discovery throughout the EP. Opener 'Boy In Control' opens with the indie-pop/synth vibes we have become used to from the Australian musician. "I'm not in control" sings Snowe as he describes the effect of falling in love through an extremely catchy chorus. Snowe then instantly brings the tone down with the slightly mellower 'Could You Love Me'. A song about an infatuation on someone who doesn't know, and about wishing someone would feel the same about you in real life as they do in your dreams.

Snowe's latest single 'Human' follows, with a dreamy and shimmery sound, this is one of the catchiest songs released this year so far, and you will be singing along to the chorus within the first listen. The song is about his relationship with his parents and how he knows that he can be self-destructive.

'If I Die, Then I Die' again has a strange romance about it. Although it is quite a somber title, the song is still relatively upbeat whilst singing about his own mortality. It almost feels like he is portraying how he is comfortable with the idea of someday dying, and that he is living for now and not for what could happen in the future.

The synth-driven songs come one after the other, and 'Our Home', 'Sunlight' and 'You Say' are no exceptions. 'Sunlight' is another song example of Snowe's ability to write incredibly catchy and infectious songs, and this one has been in my head for days now. This song is about learning to appreciate everything in life, but only once you have experienced the lowest of the low.

The whole of this EP has a sense of optimism to it, and although his songs have a sad side, he always sees the better, uplifting side. Also, he has a nack of producing catchy, upbeat songs that get stuck in your head from the first play. This is someone who has an incredible talent for both songwriting and performing and we look forward to his future releases.

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