Review: Fat White Family: Serfs Up

After 3 years away from their last release (Breaking Into Aldi and various side projects including The Moonlandingz & Insecure Men) and many, many issues with drugs and alcohol. The (however many members) Fat White Family are back with their 3rd Album ‘Surfs Up!’ and it is a belter.

The band released three singles over the past few months that were attention-grabbing, to say the least, showing the Fat Whites were truly back and ready to play. With no shock changes to their sound.

The Album kicks off with one of the previously released singles ‘Feet’ with topics and sound you would come to expect from the Fat Whites. Feet has bleak undertones and a taste for debauchery, with its pop undercurrent and accompanied by Saoudi’s eerie vocals. The album continues with hazy, melodic tracks ‘I Believe In Something Better’, ‘Vagina Dentata’ and ‘Kim’s Sunsets’.

‘Fringe Runner’ and ‘Oh Sebastian’ take a more feel-good turn, almost unfamiliar with the expected sounds for Fat Whites. The tracks show a musical progression for the band. The introduction of Alex White to the band, the multi-instrumentalist brings endless options from saxophone, synth, piano, and flute. This is something I have seen first hand at their intimate show at Rough Trade East and it is quite the spectacle.

‘Taste’s Good With The Money’ grabs you where it hurts and hits you hard with a monstrous riff from Adamczewski’s. The Track has hinted towards the current political climate that the U.K. currently sees, with definite stabs towards the Grenfell Tower disaster with the lines; ‘the air up there, now so fresh and clean, people from nowhere, poison everywhere’ Baxter Dury appears on the track, with a voiceover approach. His first line shows it’s not all bleak in the Fat White’s eyes with the smug line ‘there’s ash in your latte’. As Dury reflects on all he thinks is wrong with the world we live in.

Overall the album really shows that Fat Whites are back and firing on all cylinders after their long-awaited return.

Top Tracks – Feet, Tastes Good With The Money and Bobby’s Boyfriend.

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