Review: FIDLAR – Almost Free

FIDLAR have released their highly anticipated third studio album, just under 4 years after their impressive sophomore album ‘Too’. This saw the album take on a more mellow songwriting style, yet still keeping with their party-like attitude at the same time. After-all their name does stand for ‘Fuck It Dog Life’s A Risk’

FIDLAR show a definite progression with this record as they move towards a slightly alternative sound. The album’s opening track ‘Get Off My Rock’ shows an influence from Beastie Boys (apparent from their outstanding, 2016 cover of Sabotage). Despite the hip-hop influence, they are able to keep the fast-paced frantic style that we are beginning to expect from an opening track from the LA Punks.

FIDLAR have taken to a slightly different style of songwriting, as they step away from their traditional sound by moving into more politically edged songs. ‘Too Real’ has a heavy, hard-hitting overall message. Delving into the realms of American politics and views on modern society.
The band have by no means stepped away from their cocaine-fuelled roots, with the big tracks ‘Too Real’ and ‘Flake’.

The album’s first single Alcohol comes with a ground shaking riff and dominant vocals from lead singer/co-producer Zac Carper. With the lines “I wanna lose my mind and lose track of time // Won’t somebody please just give me some, ALCOHOL?” What did you expect from their returning single?

Overall this album has shown to be an excellent return from the influential skate-punks.

Rating: 9/10
Top Tracks – Can’t You See, By Myself & Good Times Are Over.

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