Review: FLOWVERS – Nosebleed

After 2 exceptional singles in 'Fresh Air' and 'Long Way Home', we have been waiting for another release from Portsmouth-quartet FLOWVERS, with it seeming an age ago since they announced they had hit the studio. After several months we finally have new single 'Nosebleed' and it was absolutely worth the wait.

From the moment the song starts we are launched into thumping drum beats and shimmery guitar riffs and it instantly makes you want to dance along. The recording and production both feel tighter and the long wait for the single shows they have definitely spent time perfecting everything. I am actually sat here writing this after having it on repeat for two hours wondering how they have managed to make an even better single than the last two. If festival booking agents are watching then I am sure FLOWVERS are going to be having a very busy Summer and we hopefully will see them booking tour dates very soon.

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