Review: FUR – FUR (EP)

There is a sense of romance that comes with any FUR release. So it is almost fitting that the Brighton-quartet released their debut EP on Valentines day. The 60s inspired sound is full of upbeat and joyous vibes and show that FUR have certainly mastered their sound throughout each single release.

To try and record music with such an old-fashioned style could be incredibly difficult to do well, but FUR have certainly had no issues with this. The opening song ‘All My Dreams’ starts off with a tradiitonal fairground style tune, which is a real indicator of what to expect regarding the style over the rest of the EP. The EP includes previously released songs ‘Angel Eyes’ (Nov 2018) and ‘Him and Her’ (Jan 2019). ‘Angel Eyes’ is a great example of how they mixup their 60s influenced style with 00s indie music perfectly. The EP closes with ‘Love Song For No One’ which is a slower acoustic song. Murray’s vocals have a delicate and pure sound and this is especially true for the emotional EP closer.

FUR have certainly proved that whilst producing such a distinctive style, they can produce a release longer than a single and it not all sound the same Each song has its own character and mixture of 60s/00s styles and I am sure that they will have sell out crowds singing along in the near future.

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