Review: Gender Roles – You Look Like Death

There seems to be a current trend in the alternative scene for artists releasing underwhelming lead singles ahead of an upcoming album or tour. Although subsequent releases go some way towards redressing the balance, the damage is done and it can be difficult to justify the hype.

That said, thank god for Gender Roles, who’ve just released the soundtrack to your mate being crowdsurfed out of the mosh pit with a broken nose. On the face of things, You Look Like Death is a straight up banger that will undoubtedly go down well at festivals this summer. However, beneath the pitched vocals and the thunderous drumming lies a deceptively well-structured single.  

The first chorus doesn’t erupt like the second and final takes, which adds to the sense of progression and helps the track build to its mashed, schizophrenic conclusion; an impressive display of craftsmanship considering they’ve only released a handful of songs so far. 

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