Review: Indoor Pets – Be Content

Getting the right balance of old EP tracks, new releases and unheard tunes is a tough ask for any band releasing a debut album. This becomes an incredibly difficult task when you have so many good releases as Indoor Pets have. Regardless of this, Indoor Pets have sparked an almost perfect balance to their 14 song, 44-minute debut LP.

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Starting with new-ish single ‘Hi’ before going into EP classic ‘teriyaki’ welcomes old fans to the highly anticipated debut with possibly two of their best singles to date. We then are then given the first unreleased song of the album ‘Thick’. The best way I can describe this is ‘definite set opener’. The song starts off with a catchy bass line before the drums and Jamie’s distinctive vocals kick in and it feels like seconds have passed before we are in the first chorus has started. The lively, upbeat and anthemic ‘Thick’ is definitely going to be a crowd pleaser both on the album and live. The volume and tempo is then brought down for song 4, ‘Spill (My Guts)’. A catchy tune that just makes you want to start dancing and singing along instantly. For fans who have been around since the Get Inuit days, ‘Pro Procrastinator’ was an obvious pick for the album from day 1 and there is not much that can be said about it other than it is an absolute banger.

Indoor Pets continue to impress throughout the album, and then we get to ‘The Mapping of Dandruff’. Unlike anything we have ever seen from Indoor Pets before, ‘The Mapping of Dandruff’ really brings the tempo down and shows a far more sensitive side to the Kent-band.

"I'm so human it hurts" - 'The Mapping of Dandruff'

For a band so well practiced in delivering high tempo and high volume indie rock, to produce such a song with such emotion is very impressive.

‘Being Strange’ comes next before we get another re-recorded EP track in ‘Mean Heart’. All the re-recorded songs in the album certainly sound fresher and tighter and you can tell every ounce of effort Indoor Pets have has gone into trying to produce the perfect debut album.

The same can be said about the new songs on the album as well. Every song has its own character and shows off the impressive songwriting skills the band possess. ‘Good Enough’ is another catchy indie-rock tune with a chorus you simply can’t stop yourself singing along to. Every song is making me more and more excited to see the boys live.

‘Barbiturates’ and ‘Cutie Pie, I’m Bloated’ follow before the album comes to a close with ‘My Amnesiac’. Another example of Indoor Pets’ love of building songs up from almost nothing to upbeat guitar riffs.

Indoor Pets had always managed to release an excellent single or EP. But with so many bands coming undone by the task of creating a full-length release, Indoor Pets had loads to do to make sure they didn’t do the same thing. But the album is creative, lively and an absolute masterpiece showing off the Indoor Pets many have grown to love and a new side to Indoor Pets that is sounding simply brilliant.

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