Live Review: Jerry Williams + Support @ Camden Assembly (30/1/19)

Jerry Williams has certainly gained a lot of recognition recently, after being signed in both USA and Canada. She was now out on her UK headline tour, and playing the prestigious Camden Assembly.


As gig lineups go, this might be one of the best possible lineups, showcasing the three of the best artists from the South Coast. Starting off with FLOWVERS, the indie dream pop quartet from Portsmouth    have made a big name for themselves back home, now it was time to get some more fans in the capital. However after only a couple of songs, technical issues hit again, after problems had already disrupted their Icebreaker Festival show a few days earlier. This time it was the drums that were the issue, which allowed Matisse to show off his solo work again. They eventually got the problem sorted and were back to playing as a band, and from the crowds reaction they have certainly gained a few fans. Finishing the set with 'Long Way Home', they certainly proved why they are getting the impressive support slots and I am sure it won't be long until they are headlining Camden Assembly.

Wild Front 5

It was then time for the highly anticipated Jerry. With some members of the crowd racing in at the start to get their front-row position, there was no doubt that the crowd was excited for her performance. The range of people in the crowd was extraordinary, with everything from teenage girls to middle-aged men all turning up for the show, and many were already wearing Jerry's merch.

There is no doubt that Jerry has been releasing excellent music for a while now, and her setlist definitely proved that. Playing newer songs as well as her old ones like 'Velcro', the crowd were as excited for all of them and sang along to every one they knew. Our personal favourites from the set were 'I'm Not In Love With You' and new song 'Your Friends Not Mine'. Jerry's upbeat and fun indie-pop can only put you in a good mood, and with her flawless vocals, her live performances are second to none. Finishing her set with her last three singles, 'David at the Bar', 'Left and Right' and 'Grab Life', she had definitely saved her best three songs until last.

Jerry Williams 10

Jerry was then begged to come back and perform an encore, and she came back and played an acoustic song followed by one of her old singles 'Boy Oh Boy' which I don't think was originally planned but with the crowd all begging for it, she gave them what they wanted.

Being picked as one of Ticketmaster's One to Watch is definitely helpful for ticket sales. But there is not doubt that Jerry deserved her pick, and is definitely someone to keep an eye on. Her live performance is fun, upbeat and a thrill to watch and we are very excited for her future releases.

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