Review: Lauran Hibberd – Everything is Dogs

On 'Everything is Dogs' Lauran sings with clarity. She doesn’t need to warble to prove that she is talented. Lauran’s EP ‘Everything is Dogs’ has this Weezer first-album feel that sounds youthful, naïve, charming, and accessible. Songs here are genuinely strong and don’t need to be laced with smoothed-over EDM in order to give them some sort of edge. Particularly check out ‘Sugardaddy’, and ‘Frankie’s Girlfriend’ which has this twee Blondie-style lyricism, that in my mind is comparable to a song like ‘One Way or Another’. Both tracks are instantly anthemic. Stylistically, there is defiantly influence from 00’s Indie there, as well on the EP – it’s all very likeable. I’m sure these songs will be added to playlists up-and-down the country almost instantly. Go and check Lauran out.

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