Review: Liily – I Can Fool Anybody In This Town (EP)

Getting praise from the likes of Radio 1's Jack Saunders before even releasing an EP shows that Liily are definitely a band worth checking out.

The EP begins with their debut single 'Toro', which is full of rock guitar riffs and roaring vocals. It is an intense, lively and determined start to an EP and it definitely

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is an excellent introduction. The noise levels do not drop off for the second song of the EP 'The Weather' and feature the rock riffs and vocals that we saw in the opener.

Latest single 'Sepulveda Beach' comes next, bringing the tempo and volume levels down a notch. More of an indie-dance vibe, with melodic guitar and a more pop/soul style to the vocals.

We then get a song which sounds like a mixture of the 2 styles we have already seen on the EP. The title track has the pounding drum beats like we see in 'Toro' but also has the melodic indie-pop guitar that we seen in 'Sepulveda Basin'. Regarding the vocals, the song starts with soulful vocals before building up to the roaring vocals seen in the first two songs. The energy levels are still there, relentlessly appearing throughout their EP and giving the indie-rock style that they have worked on.

We again see this indie-rock style in the penultimate song 'Nine'. The way Liily mix between the melodic indie-pop vibes and the hard-hitting indie-rock style is impressive and they way they build the songs up is very impressive. The EP closes with their second single 'Sold' which undoubtedly brings us the guitar riff of the whole EP, and ends the album on a deserved high.

With the high praise Liily have already received we were expecting big things and they certainly delivered. When they come to The Great Escape in May we look forward to catching them at the Green Door Store.

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