Review: No Hot Ashes – Hardship Starship

Indie four piece No Hot Ashes have released their debut album Hardship Starship, assisting the likes of Blossoms in their pursuit of putting humble old Stockport on the map as a breeding ground for exciting, young bands.

There’s a definitive swagger about the NHA lads as the open up with lead single ‘Extra Terrestrial’. The song begins with a façade of pure indie vibes before gradually developing a grittier layer as lead singer Isaac Taylor raspy tones evolve throughout. What was foreboding to be another run of the mill stereotypical indie endeavour is an assumption that is immediately quashed, as the quartet show that they’re nothing at all to be scoffed at. The electro-dance pop insinuations on ‘Bellyaches’ and the punk influence on album closer ‘Hey Casanova’ are not merely arrogant displays of their overbearing arsenal of talent, but are refined nuances that have been deliberately yet cautiously incorporated to prevent a jarring sense of overly ambitious experimentalism. It’s a confidence that sustains itself throughout, a maturity in identity comprehension without the loss of any of that youthful wit and rugged charm that is amassed through their playful lyricism and guitar-heavy escapades.

There is depth and dimension in abundance as No Hot Ashes put together an extremely solid first attempt in Hardship Starship, showing maturity beyond their years at such an early stage in their fledgling career. While perhaps going under the radar up to now, this album is sure to further highlight the ambition and dedication that NHA have to really make a success of things.

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