Review: Sleaford Mods – Eton Alive

Sleaford Mods are back with their 5th studio album 'Eton Alive'.

The album takes on a slightly different approach compared to their previous albums where they have had their tongues firmly in their cheeks with witty and almost a jokey approach to some of their songs.

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But with their latest release Williamson tackles the issues that people face everyday in ‘Modern-Britain’ with full force.

The album kicks off with two pace-setting tracks with the opener ‘Into the Payzone’. The song takes on the bleak ever-present issues the we face with so much technology and social media at our disposal and where it will eventually take us. The albums leading single ‘Kebab Spider, is an angry, excellently worded attack at all media forms, with clear reference to other bands in similar veins that aren’t playing their part.

That being said the Nottingham duo haven’t lost all of their fun, despite their harding-hitting track O.B.C.T with its incites into the current living and social expectancies that the working-class folk face. The song finishes with a kazoo solo after the band face criticism on social media for their ‘same-y’ instrumentals put together by Andrew Fearn.

Overall the production on the record is sounding more tight than ever in comparison with their previous releases where they would leave rough cuts untouched. Jason Williamson also steers away from the usual ‘singing’ approach he takes to their music. On track ‘When You Come Up To Me’ it sees Williamson take on a soft sung style with definite adaptations for his lack of singing ability. Nonetheless the song is an excellent advertisement for the band's versatility.

Key Tracks - Kebab Spider, O.C.B.T & Firewall

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