Review: Squid – Town Centre

I’m trying to think of what to write, but all my brain is doing is stagnating all my words and sentences in the style of a shit Mark E Smith impersonation. Why? Because I’m a saddo and it’s the coolest thing I can think of doing after listening to Squid’s EP ‘Town Centre’. This EP is dangerously cool, and I don’t know how give it the justice it deserves. I’m utterly divided whether to take you through this EP track-by-track, or just place a copy in your hands and say, “Go and put this in your ears now. Thank you.” ‘Town Centre’ is a blend of New York post-punk goodness. For fans of David Byrne, and LCD Soundsystem, but more UK-based similarities, for me, felt resonant of The Fall combined with scene-scaping of Public Service Broadcasting. It feels smooth. It feels wired. It feels cocky, but not arrogant. I challenge anyone to not instantly fall in love with (the track) ‘The Cleaner’. This is enough from me. Go away and listen.

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