Review: The Murder Capital – Don’t Cling To Life

Aided by legendary producer Flood, Dublin band The Murder Capital have released their debut EP Don’t Cling to Life. With the post-punk revival becoming all the more potent, this latest release sees The Murder Capital join the ranks of IDLES, Shame and fellow Irishmen Fontaines DC in giving life to the somewhat dormant genre. In the span of just three songs, The Murder Capital showcase the broad arsenal loaded with punchy assertiveness as well as vulnerable poetics, a juxtaposition that is centrefold to recent punk endeavours in the modern era.

The title track itself is a flashing, urgent blow of an almost avant-garde Gothicism tackling themes of loss and mourning after a friend of the band sadly took their own life (an event that also saw the creation of the band’s name). ‘Green & Blue’ on the other hand is superficially more laidback and drawn out, however still has an undertone of insistence that harks back to its punk origins. ‘Feeling Fades’ is significantly rougher around the edges than the two tracks prior. Heartfelt and ballad-like in its spoken word delivery, the song is remorseful and melancholic, yet somehow leaves you lusting for more. The full debut album When I Have Fears is due on August 16th.

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