Review: Twin Peaks – Lookout Low

Twin Peaks fourth studio album is a throwback to a summery 70s America, often blending impish drumbeats and snare rolls, light and breezy keys and twanging country guitar riffs to create a fun if not a slightly forgettable album.

Listening to the piece you get the sense that the quintet love what they do and love their music, a huge amount of heart has gone into this and Cadien Lake James’ heartfelt vocals give it a feeling of familiarity that ties it all together. Country music, however, has never been a genre to make me feel much, tug at my heartstrings or give me a sense of relatability, and Lookout Low is, unfortunately, no exception, even with its occasional genre-blending.

As I said in my review of the single, Dance Through It gives us that funky 70s The Doors vibes and you would undoubtedly have it on repeat, if not for the buzzing horns in the bridge alone, at a party. On listening to it again though, something feels missing and this runs throughout the album and is perhaps my biggest issue with it on the whole. Things could feel bigger and grander, but something is lacking on Ethan Johns’ production and it left me feeling partially empty and longing for just that little bit more.

While I’m convinced that fans of Twin Peaks are going to love this record for many reasons I, much to my dismay, couldn’t find an awful lot that resonated with me and I feel that for all the upbeat drumming that will keep people dancing through the night, there just wasn’t the depth and substance to the lyrics that could keep me hooked.

Top Tracks: Dance Through It, Better Than Stoned and Oh Mama

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