Washed Out Festival: Top Five Performances of the Weekend

Festival season is starting to get closer and closer, but we found ourselves at another multi-venue festival. This time we were in Brighton for Washed Out Festival, their up and coming punk, emo and indie DIY music festival. We saw loads of bands over the two days but we have picked our top 5 performances of the weekend below, so check out who we picked and feel free to comment your favourites!

Egyptian Blue

Egyptian Blue brought their post-punk and psychedelic sounds to Green Door Store. Having seen them a few times over the past few months they again did not fail to impress. With their setlist primarily consisting of unreleased songs, they definitely have an exciting future and it will not be long until they are branching out of the Brighton music scene. A particular highlight was their latest single 'To Be Felt' which is their strongest release to date.


Bitch Theme

Bitch Theme were a band who I had not even come across before the Washed Out Festival, but they were one of the biggest surprises of the festival. They didn't seem to take things too seriously and you could see they were not over reheased but it added to the atmosphere they created. After playing a number of impressive originals they played a cover of Bratmobile's 'Bitch Theme' (where they got their name from) followed by a cover of Bikini Kill's 'Suck My Left One'. They only played 2 covers in a row because the guitarist and bassist swapped positions at the wrong time so they played two in a row. All three of the guitarists ended up playing bass because I quote "none of us play bass, that is the problem". The crowd were as into the performance as they were, and for stage presence, they were one of the best of the festival weekend. They ended the set in the most fitting way, "We have been Bitch Theme and you have been sick as fuck". A band everyone needs to check out both online and if you can watch them live at their last show in June then definitely get down there. Fun, grungey and extremely enjoyable, I am very glad I saw them before the end!


Cultdreams have been making exceptional music for years (fka Kamikaze Girls) but this was the first time I had managed to catch them live. You can tell they are experienced playing live as they worked through their set flawlessly and they also clearly love playing live. Playing a set made up of released and unreleased songs (and shooting a music video as well) showed there is an incredibly exciting future for the band and their music sounds as good now as has always done. The crowd had also packed in to see them, and many at the front were singing along with such passion, I think Cultdreams may have been their favourite band of the weekend. At one point some of the crowd even formed a human pyramid, which is definitely something I have never seen at a gig. The song of the set was 'I Don't Want To Be Sad Forever' which is a song about equality and inclusion, and it really made me think about how music is supposed to be inclusive, and the Brighton music scene is definitely a good representative of that. Their set showed why they have such a following and I will hopefully be seeing them again soon.



Starting out as Ryan Smith's bedroom project, Bdrmm is now a five-piece indie-shoegaze band who have traveled all the way from Bradford to be there. Their dreamy and chill vibes filled the upstairs room of The Prince Albert and you could tell they gained a number of fans. Their songs are well crafted filled with swirling guitars and synth lines. Their latest single 'Heaven' was our personal highlight of the set, a true shoegaze banger showing off similar sounds to that of Ride. Their sound is refreshing and exciting and they are definitely a band to watch out for in the future.

Gaffa Tape Sandy

A quick note. I saw many bands over the course of the weekend, but by Sunday I still had one song stuck in my head, 'Headlights' by Gaffa Tape Sandy. The latest release from the Bury St Edmunds trio is exceptional and sounds even better live. Their set also contained songs from their upcoming EP and a Jonny Cash cover, which they admitted was played purely because they enjoyed playing it live. Gaffa Tape Sandy are known for their impressive live performances and as they headlined Patterns on the Friday evening, you could see why they got such high praise!


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